Friday, October 19, 2007

Re-Balance Work and Play in Body Mind Spirit Integration

Finding equilibrium in one’s life—determining the point of balance between activity and rest—is more difficult than hanging a picture. We Americans, in particular, steeped in the work ethic of our Puritan forefathers, seem to feel guilty if we are not completing a Herculean task in record time. We don’t procrastinate well.

But all our attempts at harmonizing the essential IQs will fail unless we stop and re-balance work and play, set limits, and distinguish between “hard-charging” and “re-charging.” In other words, we have to find the fulcrum that equalizes our active lives with our down time so that efficiency doesn’t end in burnout. For some people, that well-intentioned pause could require an “force” of will. If that describes you, make the effort.

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