Monday, October 15, 2007

Power Pause: Necessary for Body Mind Spirit Integration

A “power pause” of ninety seconds probably won’t be enough time to rest and refuel. Relaxation novices need at least ten to twenty minutes to soothe frazzled nerves. Ask your colleagues, kids or partner to respect your down time; try to avoid answering questions or the phone. Don’t be embarrassed by taking a break. We all need one. Unfortunately, most of us do little more than reach for the remote control at the end of the day, thankful to have survived another one. Relying on the tube alone to refuel your energies overlooks so many other means of healthy, fulfilling activities. Consider these suggestions for rest and relaxation:

· Simple exercise such as stretching, sit-ups or push-ups, even at your desk
· Walking, preferably outside so you can enjoy the day
· Taking a class in dance, yoga or tai chi for balance and movement
· Calling a good friend just to talk
· Savoring a meal, either alone or with friends
· Eating lunch away from your desk, and taking your entire lunch period for lunch, not errands
· Sneaking a nap
· Getting a massage
· Luxuriating in a bath
· Listening to music
· Reading
· Pursuing a favorite hobby
· Praying or meditating.

Once you’ve added small daily breaks to your routine, why not take a full day? At least start with a half-day. Too often the weekends seem like extensions of the work week, full of errands and chores. Sometimes even socializing with friends becomes a hassle instead of a treat. Try spending an entire day at a park or beach with your family; walking the dog; enjoying a sport or hobby; taking a picnic out in the country, or dozing in a hammock while you pretend to read. Take time to talk to your family and listen when they answer.

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