Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Living Body Mind Spirit

The great mystery of the world is not the
invisible, but the visible.
Oscar Wilde

Western civilization has not been kind to the human body. The past 2,400 years have seen the body worshipped, debauched, vilified, denied, ignored, and mechanized. The ancient Greeks celebrated the human body, glorifying it in art, sculpture and athletics. The philosopher Socrates taught that the supreme understanding of beauty started with the body: through the body a transcendent understanding of beauty and the virtues of all life itself was achieved. The Greek Olympic Games were the ideal test of physical strength, endurance, and mental and spiritual purity.

With the dawn of the Piscean age power shifted to Rome. The Romans absorbed much of Greek culture, including body worship. (Celtic warriors, however, who always went into battle totally naked, terrified the Roman legionnaires.) But by the 3rd Century of the Common Era, Christian bishops targeted the drunken debauchery and sexual excess associated with pagan Roman festivals initially for sublimation into Church-approved celebrations and eventually for total elimination.

Church fathers portrayed the body as carnal, gross and prey to base appetites for 1,700 years, convincing the faithful that sex and pleasure were to be avoided, not celebrated. The seven deadly sins of greed, lust, gluttony, pride, anger, sloth, and vanity would not even exist without the body. The road to Heaven lay in transcending the body, an idea common to most of the world’s religious and mystical traditions, not just Christianity.

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