Tuesday, October 9, 2007

States and Stages in Body Mind Spirit Integration

What is consistent in each of these models, in addition to mapping progress through the stages of growth, is the idea that once a level of development is achieved, it must remain achieved to ensure the success of each new rung climbed on the development ladder. Our higher growth rests squarely upon the solid foundation of lower-level accomplishment.

In his article “Introduction to Integral Theory and Practice,” author Ken Wilber notes that:

. . . by “stages” we mean progressive and permanent
milestones along the evolutionary path of your unfolding.
Whether we talk stages of consciousness, stages of energy,
stages of culture, stages of spiritual realization, stages of moral development, and so on, we are talking of these important and fundamental rungs in the unfolding of your higher, deeper, wider potentials.

Throughout this discussion of the body’s essential intelligences it may have occurred to you how unevenly developed you are. You’re really good in some layers and lacking in others. That’s true for virtually all of us. Some people are excellent thinkers but may have mean, selfish personalities—not exactly beacons of morality. Some people are talented athletes but have difficulty with simple arithmetic. And some people become so enchanted with the search for their own enlightenment that they ignore the needs of their fellow travelers.

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