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Lomi School: Pioneering Body Mind Spirit (Somatic) School

Lomi work [is] . . . demanding of people. It asks that
people wake up—wake up to their bodies and their lives.
Robert Hall

RANCHO STROZZI, March 1994: The next day dawned spectacularly. I snuggled warmly under layers of blankets, yet my visible breath confirmed that the fire in the cabin’s small stove had died out hours ago. I lazed for a few more minutes, anticipating the shiver of throwing off the covers and dreading the thought of the unheated outdoor shower. With the precision of a military campaign I launched out of bed, built a roaring fire, started the coffeepot, and braved the colder outdoors. The cabin was toasty hot by the time I returned from my freezing, yet oh-so-invigorating shower. Satisfied with a breakfast of fruit, cereal, and coffee, I went to the aikido dojo and waited for the others to arrive.

The dojo is divided into three rooms. The largest is stretched with padded mats for classes, and there is a small sitting area with couches and a rough-hewn kitchen. Twenty-one students gathered with Robert Hall and Richard Strozzi Heckler that morning, and the two men outlined our time together, saying that:

· The Lomi School teaches somatics: a body-centered way of living.

· We will use bodywork, breathwork, yoga, aikido movement and sitting meditation to bring attention to our bodies.

· These disciplines are taught as ways of working toward physical vitality, emotional stability, and personal effectiveness.

· This focus on the body develops awareness and self-acceptance. It allows us to know ourselves more fully—how we stand and breathe, how we express our emotions, how we perceive the world and experience it.

· Group process is the primary tool we use to explore the edge of our fears and leave the comfort zone of our everyday lives; to share the stories of our hearts; to develop trust and community; and to support each other in self-discovery.

· Lomi work also explores how social activism grows from self-discovery and our connection to the social issues of our time, “including birthing, dying, conflict resolution, education, violence, community, the arts, and health care.”

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