Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rhythm of Body Mind Spirit Energy

The very nature and rhythm of energy is to expand and contract. It’s one of the few constants in the universe. The stars and their moons rise and set, waves of water crest and fall, electricity pulses, hearts contract and beat, lungs rise and fall, orgasms come and go. Energy may be constant, but it oscillates. The intelligences in our bodies are the same.

Physically, we have times of effort and times of rest and sleep.

Emotionally, we try to balance our sense of individuality and our need to connect with the people around us.

Mentally, we can be muddled and confused, or focused and clear.

Morally, we can pursue lives and ideals we don’t truly want for ourselves, or we can exemplify our deepest values in the world.

Spiritually, we can remain dormant, or we can sparkle and thrive.

Love your way,

Alan Davidson, founder of
and author of Body Brilliance:
Mastering Your Five Vital
Intelligences (IQs)’

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