Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Simron, or total isolation for Body Mind Spirit Integration

Okay. You’re ready to graduate to week-long vacations and maybe even longer. People who boast that they haven’t taken a vacation in years have not done themselves any favors. These longer pauses do not have to be car trips to ten different destinations or a week with the relatives. You’re supposed to relax, not need a vacation from your vacation. Consider a retreat, a cruise—anything that refuels your energy, not saps your strength.

Author and spiritual advisor Dr. Deepak Chopra maintains a grueling schedule of writing, workshops and personal appearances, often working on four or five books at once and traveling frequently. To restore his equanimity he sets aside four to five weeks of vacation with his family, perhaps skiing or visiting sacred sites. But his most important rejuvenation practice is called Simron, or total isolation—no books, telephones, magazines, radio, or any communication—for five to seven days, every three months, for reflection and meditation.

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