Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Getting High vs. Body Mind Spirit High

The rush of the high explains why drugs are so popular. They produce a temporary euphoria but are usually followed by some crashing low. Afterwards we return to the reality of our lives; there is rarely an evolutionary shift in vibration. Sadly, the hope that drugs might be the path to happiness often leads to disaster—and the loss of happiness.

I’d studied spiritual principles for ten years, had been in therapy for more than that, and yet I was not happy. But when I gave up trying to transcend my body, when I gave up denying the reality of my body and its pleasures, when I shifted my focus to live in and through my body, I began to see real changes in my health and happiness. Once my focus shifted, my behaviors changed. And so did my life.

Spiritual contentment and evolution are like happiness and success. They are ephemeral and cannot be grasped. The more we strive for them, the further they slide out of reach. It is when we focus our attention, engage our hearts, and commit our lives to the “something greater than ourselves” that our vibrational frequencies rise, steadily and consistently. We eventually live into the states of love, happiness, peace and the bliss of unity.

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Alan Davidson, founder of
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