Friday, October 12, 2007

Power of Pause

Nature itself has a pulse, a rhythmic, wavelike movement between activity and rest.
Jim Loehr

These early years of the new millennium, the 21st Century, are heady, tumultuous times. In just five short years the globe has suffered heartbreaking death and destruction from war, terrorist attack, tsunami, hurricanes, violence, environmental degradation and hunger. Yet despite all this, spiritually committed people everywhere heed the call to brilliance in all avenues of life: business, government, health care, family, service. They—and we—answer the call to stoke the brightest lights of ourselves and greet each day with renewed effort to actualize our essential intelligences and bring peace and harmony to humanity. We are born for such times. We are called to fortify our truest selves, to direct our physical, emotional, mental, moral and spiritual intelligences and shine them for all that is right and good in this world.

Whew! Although a most worthy pursuit, lifting the world (or just ourselves) out of darkness takes a lot of energy. I believe that we possess the brilliance to accomplish this task; that by living through our bodies’ intelligences we can marshal our defenses—and offenses—and direct them toward the greater good. But if in our zeal to achieve these goals, whether personal or societal, we forget to take time to replenish our energies, we risk physical or mental collapse.

And in the scope of all the work needing to be done, it’s easy to exhaust ourselves in the process—to run on fumes, or worse, flat out of gas. This is where practicing the simple “power of a well-intentioned pause” becomes a necessity. Type A workaholic personalities succumb to more health problems and risk sacrificing family and relationships for a very good reason: they don’t value the power of pause.

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