Thursday, October 18, 2007

Equilibrium in Body Mind Spirit Integration

In The Power of Full Engagement, energy-management expert Jim Loehr spells out the need for taking a pause:

After a period of activity, the body must
replenish fundamental biochemical sources of
energy. . . . Increase the intensity of the
training or performance demand, and it is
necessary to commensurately increase the
amount of energy renewal. . . . Balancing
stress and recovery is critical not just in
competitive sports, but in managing energy
in all facets of our lives.

The point at which an object’s weight balances perfectly on a base is called a fulcrum. The most obvious example is a playground seesaw; the beam rises and falls on its point of equilibrium. Hanging artwork on the wall requires finding the fulcrum of the wire, or otherwise Uncle Thaddeus appears a bit tipsy. Determining the fulcrum varies by the weights of the two sides; if one side is heavier, that greater weight must be shifted toward the fulcrum to regain the perfect balance point.

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