Monday, October 29, 2007

Body Mind Spirit Brilliance with your Five Vital IQs

We were a diverse group: a police lieutenant and a paramedic, an arch Democrat, other massage therapists and chiropractors, a psychic, psychotherapists, students and teachers, a carpenter and a director of nonprofit organizations. We agreed to meet for nine weekends throughout the year and a weeklong retreat in July. Some of us were there for our professions, but we were all there for ourselves.

At the break we mingled and ate delicious pastries from the Tomales Bakery on Highway 1. Still feeling self-conscious, I cautiously visited with my classmates and won the prize for coming from the greatest distance. Some of them had traveled for several hours to get there, but I was the only non-Californian. I remembered that California is as long as Texas is wide. Thankfully, my classmates welcomed me, and I began to relax and feel more comfortable with the group.
With the preliminaries over, I looked forward to participating in the Lomi School’s regimen of bodywork, exercise, meditation and group process. I was convinced that Robert, Richard and the class would help me heal my depression and all the sadness of my recent life. As you will see, I still had much to learn.

But first, if I am going to show you how to peak your essential intelligences to achieve body brilliance, I need to discuss how perceptions of our bodies have changed over time and the theories and techniques surrounding that metamorphosis.

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