Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bette Midler: Body Mind Spirit Diva

Meanwhile, as The Enchanted Garden spiraled to its demise, a more devastating loss cut my heart: my dear friend, Michael Mosley, was dying. Michael and I, along with Jon, Ms. Hill, Bobby and Harry were the foundations of the “gang,” or more accurately “the girls”: about thirty guys who traveled in a large pack to concerts, the bars, movies, dances, and just about anything that was fun while overindulging in drugs and alcohol. Michael and I were especially close as we had similar tastes in music, movies, the arts and architecture. Having both worked in the club scene for years, we understood the trials and tribulations of a bartender’s life.

By 1993 we had seen the ranks of our gang destroyed by AIDS. Of the thirty-plus guys who played, partied, and loved as friends and sometimes boyfriends, there were ten of us left. Jon, J.D. and myself are the HIV-negative ones. Ed, Robby, Danny and his Robby, Bill and Trent, Joe and Michael, Bobby, Ronny, Art, Ms. Ricky, Tessy, Phyllis, Gavin, Jeff and the others had died, one by one, whittling our numbers down. And now Michael was dying too.

Michael had wasting syndrome, which reduced his once rugged good looks (he was a magazine cover boy) to skin and bones. His face had become a skeletal mask. He had no energy. I had to shout to be heard as his hearing was gone. One of the last things we did as a group was see Bette Midler in concert. Michael needed help getting dressed, then we escorted him, step by painful step, into the Summit Arena for the show. He couldn’t hear a thing, but he insisted on seeing the Divine Miss M and going out with the girls one last time. Friends were scattered throughout the audience, and as we waited for Bette they came over to say hello and pay their respects to Michael one last time.

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