Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Disappear Into a Spa for Body Mind Spirit Integration

My friend Katy Caldwell is the director of Legacy Community Health Services in Houston, encompassing The Montrose Clinic and other medical services available to anyone, no matter what they can pay. Founded originally to test and treat those suffering from HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in a non-judgmental environment (the Clinic is where I learned I was HIV negative), the clinic now offers health counseling and wellness programs, in addition to more traditional doctors’ visits and an in-house pharmacy. Katy works miracles every day to find financial support from businesses and the general community, as tightly stretched resources accommodate a growing clientele of the indigent and uninsured, no matter what their gender orientation.

Since late August 2005, The Montrose Clinic has become the primary medical provider for victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Over 150,000 refugees from Katrina alone poured into Houston, most without anything but the clothes they were wearing when they arrived. Staffers at the Clinic have spent hours attempting to re-create destroyed medical records, get patients into counseling and patient services, set up doctors’ appointments and dispense costly medications.

The needs of former and new patients—and finding the funds necessary to minister to those needs—never cease. But the escalated pressures of Katy’s frenetic schedule have made it even more vital that she remember the power of pause and take time for herself. Besides receiving massage therapy, Katy disappears into a spa every now and then. Working out the physical kinks helps realign her thinking as well. Katy would not be the only loser if she didn’t acknowledge the importance of down time.

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