Sunday, October 28, 2007

Body Mind Spirit: Alan Check's In

After presenting a short overview of the training, Robert and Richard wanted to hear from us, asking, “Who were we? How did we come to be at the school? What do we want from our year together?” Richard took notes as we introduced ourselves. I tuned in as the first of my classmates shared, but I didn’t hear much. As usual, I felt shy and anxious about telling my story. I realized, however, that I wouldn’t hear anything about the others if I didn’t raise my hand and give my own introduction. I remembered my vow to make 1994 different, and why I’d traveled so far to be here, in this dojo, with these teachers. Normally I would wait until the last to share, but now I seized the moment and raised my hand.

With a Southern drawl I nervously introduced myself, telling tersely of Ann Lasater’s teaching and how she was my inspiration to be here, about my depression, the close of my business, Michael’s death, crushing debt, being gay, and David’s generosity with the airline tickets. It took just a few minutes to cover the basics, and I was deeply relieved as the spotlight shifted to the next person. My breath calmed and my listening sharpened as I quietly celebrated my little victory.

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