Saturday, October 6, 2007

Health and the 5 IQs: Body Mind Spirit Integration

In my last blog entry, I introduced Dr. David Hawkins’ “map of consciousness,” his groundbreaking study measuring the energy frequencies, or vibrations, emitted by each of the body’s emotions and spiritual intelligences. On a scale of one to 1,000—with one being near death and 1,000 a state of total enlightenment—happiness occurred at frequencies of 500-540.

Every layer of essential intelligence emits an energetic frequency, depending on the layer’s vitality, but these frequencies fluctuate with the ups and downs of day-to-day living. The specific frequencies of each layer combine to give a person his or her predominant vibration overall. Using Body Brilliance, one may refine and increase the frequencies of each of the body’s layers of essential intelligence, creating new harmonies and raising the level of the predominant vibration.

Throughout my book, Body Brilliance, I present different exercises and techniques to strengthen each layer of essential intelligence and increase that level’s vibrational frequency. Weight training and yoga are just two examples of bodywork that promote fitness of the muscles, bones and joints as well as elevating the vibrational frequency of the physical IQ. Adopting a particular diet, learning breathing techniques, or becoming more emotionally mature facilitate development of emotional intelligence.

Our mental/cognitive IQ could benefit from daily meditation or simply a more positive outlook. Regular acts of kindness—without expectation of formal recognition—lead to improvement in the fourth layer, or moral IQ. And once we have learned how to increase the frequencies of the first through fourth essential intelligences, there are many esoteric exercises for raising the fifth or spiritual level.

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