Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Super-Slow Training in Body Mind Spirit Integration

Recently, Ken Hutchins, a former trainer for Nautilus exercise equipment, revived interest in super-slow training. Back in the 1970s, Hutchins worked with elderly women in an osteoporosis clinical study. Osteoporosis is also known as brittle-bone disease. He felt that the traditional speeds of lifting were too fast for such frail patients. So Hutchins used his slower lifting speeds with great results. Encouraged by the progress of the women, Hutchins began using super-slow training with people of all ages and abilities.

On the next few pages I cover some of the exercises, listed below, that exemplify conscious calisthenics, but this principal can be applied to almost any fitness program:

· Push-Ups
· Diamond Push-Ups
· Bench Dips
· Bicycle
· Ins and Outs
· Hindu Squats
· Walking Lunges.

The key is to feel your body as you move slowly. Most phys-ed exercises are slammed out in a hurry. People rely on speed’s momentum to carry them through the exercise, where the end result is more important than the journey. Conscious calisthenics emphasize just the opposite. By slowing down your movements and focusing your attention on breathing, you strengthen your muscles safely and with less pain. The ultimate benefit from conscious calisthenics is the experience of shaping your body and your life in a radical new way.

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