Saturday, December 8, 2007

Diamond Push-ups in Body Mind Spirit Integration

Diamond Push-Ups

1. Your thumbs and index fingers touch to form a diamond as your hands rest under your chest.

2. Tighten your muscles. The head,
back, glutes, legs and ankles form an
even plank. Breathing in, slowly
extend your arms, lifting your body up.
Finish breathing in (inhalation) and
pause just before your elbows lock.

3. Slowly breathe out and lower your
body, maintaining your even plank.
Your chest hovers four to five inches
above the ground (the thickness of
a water bottle) as you finish breathing out (exhalation).

4. Repeat ten times.

To Modify: Drop your knees to the deck. You can also push up on an incline, placing your hands on a table or bench. This extra angle allows for greater ease and range of motion as you use your strength for the regular push-up. You can even press against a wall in a push away.

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