Sunday, November 25, 2007

Whisper: Body Mind and Spirit

In December 1997, I went to visit my good friends Creighton Edwards and Michael Fife at their home. Both are regular massage clients. Creighton is an internationally respected surgeon. Once after an angioplasty he asked me to come to the hospital to deliver some aromatherapy oils for his sutures and give him a reflexology foot massage. I wasn’t about to miss a surgeon asking for natural treatments in addition to his hospital care.

As I was leaving he asked me to come to his house to give him a massage, noting that he wouldn’t be able to drive for a few weeks. When he felt a bit better I went to their home. As I said my hellos I met their three dogs: Willie, Waylon, and Hank. Hank was a half-greyhound mix.

Later, as I was winding up the massage with Creighton, I was holding his feet, feeling the energy move through me and nurturing his body. Suddenly the Voice that I sometimes hear at the back of my mind said to me, “Adopt a greyhound.” This came as quite a surprise to me. I hadn’t had a dog since the seventh grade. I considered myself a cat person, although my last cat, Charlie, had disappeared.

The more I researched greyhounds the more I thought I could live with a dog like that. They are beautiful, they are quiet, and they are loyal and affectionate. And they need to be walked regularly—not just let out into the yard but actual exercise. Greyhounds are athletes, after all. I also knew to trust my Voice.

Two weeks later, just a few a days before Christmas, I brought home a handsome greyhound We started exploring the old Montrose neighborhood, walking from Miramar Street to Hermann Park, or we’d cut across to North and South Boulevards. Every day we explored new routes. I loved being out in the cold of winter. Alexander, a handsome fawn color, looked smart in his black jacket, collar, and leash.

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