Friday, November 30, 2007


I had never worked as hard in my life as I did in the SEAL PT Navigator program. But I liked the challenge and felt slow, often achingly slow, progress. I was getting stronger and my stamina improved. Marlene said it took about six weeks for the body to acclimate to the intensity of the workouts.

As I jogged along through Memorial Park that July morning, I recalled how it had taken every ounce of energy I could muster to conquer that platform and hand trolley ten years earlier. Now here I was, enrolled in a Navy SEAL workout program, and I was actually enjoying it. Even calisthenics, the bane of high school gym classes, had become an invaluable part of the development of my physical IQ. As the slogan said, I’d “come a long way, baby.” And all these efforts provided the added benefit of mending my aching back. I smiled to myself as I contemplated this amazing turn of events.

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