Saturday, November 24, 2007

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There are two levels of entry: Boot Camp and Body Camp. Boot Camp is a two-week intensive, some might say exhaustive, mental and fitness training program. After finishing Boot Camp graduates may choose to continue in the ongoing “Lifers” program. The “Lifers” workout at 5:30 AM is intense (I would say grueling) and doesn’t leave time or energy for socializing.

Body Camp is billed as a four-week workout for those too injured or out of shape to complete Boot Camp. Body Camp graduates can join the “Navigators,” designed as an ongoing, easier program. I opted for the Body Camp, and It was hard work. And to my surprise, I liked it.

What a turnaround. I took two years of Air Force ROTC in high school so I could skip the required phys-ed classes, partly because I felt embarrassed about my body and partially because I hated the exercises. As a kid I did like to hike and ride horses when we lived in the country, but overall I was lazy. I would just as soon watch TV or read as to exercise. After years of neglecting my body I was disgusted with it. When I reached a weight of 320-plus pounds, when climbing a flight of stairs left me winded, I realized that if I was ever to be fit and trim (which I’d always dreamed of) exercise would have to become my friend.

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