Monday, November 19, 2007

Body Mind Spirit Fitness Program

The important goal of any fitness program or spiritual practice is to stick with it. Play around with the different exercises to see which ones you like and that work for you. The following five-step program is good for anyone, whether you’re doing high-intensity training and sports competitions or just an easy workout.

· Warm up with any light aerobic exercise, like a brisk walk, easy jog, bike ride, or swim
· Do some warm-up stretches (see Chapter Fourteen for some good examples)
· Proceed to your high-intensity workout, which could be vigorous sprinting, regular calisthenics or the Five Tibetans (see Chapter Twelve)
· Start a warm-down with any light aerobic activity like those suggested for the warm-up
· End with deep stretches like those in traditional hatha yoga.

You will notice good changes if you commit to just fifty minutes for your routine: a ten-minute walk, ten minutes of light stretching, ten minutes of whatever high-intensity work you want to do, ten minutes of warm-down aerobics, and ten minutes of deep stretching. You can start with less and add more minutes as you progress.

Next, set a weekly goal of how often to do the exercises. Decide how many days you can really do your routine: two, three, four times a week. Start modestly and work up to more exercises and more days when it feels good to you. It is better to consistently meet your simple goal of a few exercises a couple of times a week than to occasionally do a longer and more vigorous program, one you can’t or won’t maintain.

As you live through your body, improving your five essential layers of intelligence, you will feel the echoes of your childhood vitality start to bubble up. Let your longing for a brighter and healthier life pull you forward. If you get discouraged, just remember that your mind gives up long before your body does, so keep going. You can do this.

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