Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ida Rolf: Body Mind Spirit Therapist

Ida Rolf (1896-1979) obtained her Ph.D. in biochemistry in 1922. By the mid-1950s Rolf had developed a method for realigning the human structure in relation to gravity, originally called the Structural Integration of the Human Body but commonly referred to as “Rolfing.”

The Lomi School curriculum included Rolf’s bodywork program because it provided an excellent way to break up the emotional armoring in the muscles and connective tissues by employing deep-tissue massage. These techniques realigned the body’s posture, muscles and bones.
According to Rolf, bound-up connective tissue or “fascia” restricted opposing muscles from functioning independently from each other.

Rolf claimed she could separate the bound-up fascia by separating the fibers manually through her technique and then re-engaging effective movement patterns. Adequate knowledge of living anatomy and hands-on training were required, Rolf said, in order for a practitioner to safely negotiate appropriate techniques and the depths necessary to loosen the bound-up fascia.
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