Sunday, November 18, 2007

Somatic Body Mind Spirit Exercise

The exercises for peaking this first layer of essential intelligence are like many exercises found in the physical fitness canon. They focus on building muscle strength and endurance, stretching, and balance. In most physical fitness programs there is an emphasis on mindless repetitions or laps. The difference with somatic exercise is the attention given to the raw experiences of our body as we exercise. The intention is not only to build muscle strength, flexibility and balance, but also to unify those skills with our feelings, thoughts and soul. The more our attention is engaged during these exercises, the greater our experience and the benefit.

Read about the different exercises for fitness and increasing your essential physical IQ. Think about how you can design a conscious exercise program that works best for you. Start as easy as you like. My best reason for doing anything in life is to feel good, or better yet, to feel great. The point of living through your body is to enjoy yourself day in and day out, not to suffer through agony to finally arrive at happiness, or enlightenment, or something, somewhere, sometime in the future. Feel better now.

Be Brilliant.
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