Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Make Your Body Mind Spirit Meditation Easy and Enjoyable

What if you had a tool that made it much easier for you to meditate on a regular basis?
We know that meditation can help us to reduce our stress, calm our minds, relax our bodies, and even increase our developmental progress. With all of these benefits available to us, why don’t most of us meditate every day? Well, if you are at all like me, you either feel that you don’t have time or it’s just hard to motivate yourself even when you do.

Before I tell you about this easier way to meditate, I’d like to talk briefly about how it works. As we meditate, we are accessing an expanded internal state (in the upper left quadrant). This state has corresponding activity in our brains that can be measured (in the upper right quadrant). There has been much research conducted on long time meditators, where specific brain wave patterns have been correlated to states of deep meditation.

Based on this research, an audio technology has been created that can effectively induce these same brain wave patterns of experienced meditators, in anyone using it. So if you stimulate these same patterns in your brain (in the upper right quadrant), you can access these same deep states in your consciousness (in the upper left quadrant). Pretty cool!

This revolutionary tool is called Holosync. I first came across it when Fred Kofman wanted us to use it for meditation practice during our inaugural seminars at Integral Institute. I, along with many of our seminar participants, got hooked by how easy it was to meditate while listening to Holosync.

And not only is it extremely helpful for beginning meditators, even very experienced practitioners find it useful. Here’s what Genpo Roshi, the creator of the Big Mind process, has to say about it:
“When Bill Harris first sent me Holosync, I loved it. In fact, I found it to be the same as sitting in Big Mind/Big Heart. Then I found that many of my students were already using Holosync, including Diane Hamilton and her husband, Michael Zimmerman, and were also big fans. Holosync and Big Mind compliment each other perfectly. I highly recommend Holosync, whether you're a beginner or have been meditated for 30 years.” Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi
If it’s good enough for a Zen master, it’s good enough for me…

As part of our Integral Life Practice program, we recommend engaging in the four core modules: Body, Mind, Spirit, & Shadow. Within the Spirit module, we particularly recommend the practice of meditation because of its many benefits. In fact, it is the only practice demonstrated to significantly accelerate growth through stages of development.

And even with the clear value of establishing a regular meditation practice, it can still be one of the most difficult practices to maintain. So why not make it easier and do it more often?
I don’t use Holosync every time I meditate, but I find that it is a great tool to help me keep a regular practice. When I am particularly busy and my mind is racing, it makes it much easier to settle into a meditative state. I even use it when I need to focus or be creative at work - like right now, as I’m writing this.

Another thing is that since it makes it easier to meditate, I find that I have more time for it. Isn’t that interesting how we find the time to do the things we enjoy?
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