Sunday, September 9, 2007

Exercises for the Structures of Body Mind Spirit:

Grounding—Stand with your feet hips width apart. Relax your body and feel your feet on the floor. Feel the actual sensations of pressure, temperature or vibration as you stand. Notice how you body weight is distributed upon your feet. Now raise one leg and stomp down. Stomp the other foot. Gently bend your knees and notice the change in sensations in your body. Repeat three more times. Noticing the sensations of the stance after each stomp.

Step the feet two to three feet apart. Place the heels of your hands just above the knees. Drop your tailbone. You should feel your whole upper body pressing down onto the heels of your hands. Look over a shoulder and exhale. As you breath out make a guttural sound in your throat. Visualize energy moving from the tip of your tailbone up along the spine and out the throat. Look over the other shoulder and repeat the exhale, the guttural sounding and the spinal visualization. This exercise increases vitality.

Breath—Sit comfortably with your spine upright. You may sit in a chair or cross legged in a meditative posture. Settle into the sensations of your body and breathe for a few minutes. Begin to breathe in through the mouth and out through the mouth. There is an emphasis on the exhalation. Breathe like this for 10 minutes. This breath builds the “earth” energy in the body. Return to breathing in and out through the nostrils for another 10 minutes. Notice any changes in your awareness or body.

Aromatherapy Bath—I call the base for my baths “the soup.” I combine
· 1 cup Dead Sea Mineral salts
· 1 cup baking soda
· ½ cup apple cider vinegar
· 20 drops total of any of these pure essential oils: Myrrh, Frankincense, cedarwood, vetiver, or patchouli.

Each of these oils is grounding. Vetiver is distilled from the roots. The rest are distilled from woods. The myrrh, frankincense and cedarwood also activate the psychic centers of the brain adding an expansive edge to the sense of being grounded.

The salts and vinegar help to neutralize any static electricity in the system. The soup is excellent to use after a deep massage as the salts will draw the toxins out of the muscles. The essential oils help to ground the consciousness; purify the energetic field and build the earth energy in the body.

In the next issue I will address Polarity Therapy, the energy currents of the body, Tantra and cultivating sexual energy for spiritual transformation.

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