Friday, September 28, 2007

Happiness: The Body Mind Spirit Question

The United States Constitution guarantees the pursuit of happiness.
You have to find it on your own.
Benjamin Franklin

We humans prize happiness more than anything else. We seek it for its own sake, and we pursue all our other goals—romance, power, money and health—because we believe they will make us happy. The Greek philosopher Aristotle agreed with this opinion over 2,300 years ago, and little seems to have changed since the first toga party.

But what is happiness, this glittering prize we humans so long for? We often take it for granted as an end in itself, but happiness can be difficult to explain, hard to achieve and perhaps impossible to hold on to. For me, happiness is a state of being: enjoyment of everything life offers. It allows for making the most of life’s difficulties and celebrating life’s pleasures. Although defining happiness could require an entire dictionary, we can understand happiness through the body’s essential intelligences: as a sensual pleasure, a feeling, an attitude, a behavior, and a vibration.

Happiness at the physical layer of intelligence simply means the enjoyment of our bodily pleasures. Imagine these sensations: touching silk fabric, tasting a crisp apple, smelling a spring bouquet of flowers, dancing at a party, or listening to a favorite piece of music. Just listing these activities triggers positive emotions. Satisfying our bodily pleasures is the source of an immediate, delicious, sensual happiness, but alas, such responses are fleeting and cannot deliver long-lasting contentment. Martin Seligman, in Authentic Happiness, says, “Neurons are wired to respond to novel events.” The neurons—and the brain itself at this layer of intelligence—seek a constant stream of new and varied pleasures.

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