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Body Mind Spirit “This Is How to Do It.”

The Peaceful Warrior’s Way. Body Mind Spirit “This Is How to Do It.”

with Dan Millman

Many of us have been told about the spiritual life, but how do we begin to actually live it? Author Dan Millman has devoted his writing career to exploring this very question. Here he shares his own personal story behind his impulse to develop a "ground-up" approach to daily life, a wonderful reminder of how simple and practical an Integral Life Practice can be....
Dan Millman is the best-selling author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior—now a major motion-picture starring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz, and Amy Smart—and 12 other books, published in up to 29 languages. Ken Wilber is the founder of Integral Institute and is widely regarded as the leader of the Integral movement, explored in detail in his own 25 books, which share the same kind of worldwide readership as Dan’s work.

Many teachers tell you about the spiritual life, but Dan Millman shows you how to do it, in your own life, day-to-day—and how you can start right now. Many of us are familiar with Dan's first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior—which has at least 2 million copies sold, and probably 6-7 million readers. But what many people often miss is that Dan has spent the twenty-five years since Peaceful Warrior’s publication writing 12 more books, and it is in these books where Dan lays out how you can actually take the inspiring impact of Peaceful Warrior and put it into practice. Do you want more than just inspiration? Do you really want to change your life? Dan will show you how, in literally twelve different ways.

As Dan mentions to Ken, “Spiritual life, by whatever name, begins on the ground, not up in the air.” Ken goes on to note that what Dan and Tony Robbins (another Integral Naked guest) share is an emphasis on taking physical action right now as a practical means to seeing actual change in one’s life. Further, Ken mentions that Dan is “one of the masters of mastery,” which can be seen not only in his incredible body of work, but in the fact that Dan was a world champion in trampoline gymnastics at only the age of 18. However, as Dan is quick to make clear, none of this would have happened without four radically different mentors he worked with over the course of two decades, who he refers to as The Professor, The Guru, The Warrior-Priest, and The Sage. Now, Dan is a full-blown mentor himself: accessible, practical, and always moving towards a more complete, comprehensive, and indeed integral approach to living a deeply awake life.

Why Integral?: The reason an Integral Approach is so valuable is because it explains why “taking physical action right now” actually works, and it explains it with more depth, and in more detail, than any other known system. The whole idea behind an Integral Approach is finding “the patterns that connect,” and one of the things that connects directly to the way Dan works is the Tantric traditions, and particularly Buddhist Tantra. As Ken elaborates, Vajrayana Buddhism understands the notion that, “get your body to do something, and your mind will follow.” But in Vajrayana (and also Vedanta Hinduism), you have at least three bodies, not just one: a gross body, a subtle body, and a causal body. Each body literally carries and supports the three major states of consciousness: waking (gross body), dreaming (subtle body), and deep sleep (causal body). And to round out the picture, there are also sheaths of consciousness, or actual developmental layers or structures of consciousness surrounding one’s primordial Self (and these also are supported by the gross, subtle, and causal bodies). But in the same way that you can choose to make your gross-physical body respond to practice and intentionality, you can make your subtle-energy body and causal-emptiness body respond as well—and if you change the body, you will change your state of consciousness. That’s the secret Tantra has known for ages, and that’s the secret—or rather, one of the secrets—that Dan is adapting and evolving for today’s world.
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