Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Somatic Coaching: The Ultimate in Conscious Body Mind Spirit Cross Training

Somatic (body centered) therapy is the art and science of harmonizing your life. The Greek word soma means “the living body in its wholeness; or mind, body, and spirit in unity.”

It is a body-centered way of living that combines bodywork, breath work, movement, and meditation to bring attention to our bodies. These disciplines are used for creating physical vitality, emotional stability, and personal effectiveness; essentially it’s the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Somatic Coaching is the ultimate in spiritual cross training.

This simple focus on the body develops awareness and self-acceptance. It allows us to know ourselves more fully—how we stand and breathe, how we express our emotions, how we perceive the world and experience it.

By harmonizing your body/mind/spirit, extraordinary energy is unleashed to expand your limiting beliefs and to find your life’s purpose, one that is both happy and lucrative. Somatic Coaching accesses your own body-wisdom to do this. This powerful perspective allows you to live into the future you desire, or better still, give you dreams you never even realized you had. Coaching is more than just insight gained from our talks together, it works from the actions you take.

Body Mind Spirit Coaching gives you very specific measurable results as you live the effectiveness of our work together. It includes a thorough assessment of your physical, emotional, mental, moral and spiritual Intelligences (IQs) to begin our work. Every ninety days your progress is reassessed to measure the works effectiveness.

Body-centered attention and emotional processes are the primary tools used to explore the edge of our fears and leave the comfort zone of our everyday lives; to share the stories of our hearts; to develop trust and community; and to support each other in self-discovery.

Other tools used are Inquiry, PSYCH-K, EFT, visualization and meditation. Inquiry, the work of Byron Katie, examines the stressful thoughts and beliefs that limit our potential and cause us suffering. This deceptively simple technique dissolves old patterns of negative thinking and self-doubt.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, and PSYCH-K, short for Psychological Kinesiology, are both energy psychology techniques. EFT neutralizes high-intensity emotional states and trauma with simple acupressure tapping. PSYCH-K uses muscle testing to gauge negative beliefs nested in the unconscious mind. Those limiting beliefs often wreak havoc in our lives without our consciously knowing they are there. PSYCH-K then uses body-balances to neutralize those limiting beliefs.

Meditation is the science of directing attention and the art of sitting in silence. Visualization taps the imagination, the highest available function of our mind, to energize our potential for change.

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