Friday, August 31, 2007

Essential Body Mind Spirit: Sense and Sensation

Sensation is the language of the body and the foundation of body mind spirit integration. Sensation is the language many of us have ignored for most of our lives. To feel the sensations of our bodies is to actually experience ourselves; raw, life coursing through us, present in the most immediate sense.

The sensations of our bodies ALWAYS happen in present time. It’s impossible for our bodies to happen in the past, or in the present. That’s why Martha Graham, the great American dancer and choreographer, said, “The body never lies.” It is immediate truth. (The mind weaves the stories about what those sensations mean—pulling us out of the raw experience—and into past or present). Stories never happen in the present moment; they are creations of our thoughts.

Sensing meditations have been around since the Buddha. A fundamental part of Vipassana (Insight) mediation is focusing the mind, gently, on the sensations of the body. This takes our awareness away from the stream of thoughts and thinking and onto/into the present moment. Here’s a very simple sensing exercise.


Sit completely relaxed and comfortable. Turn your attention to your feet. Notice the sensations of temperature, pressure, or vibration; the feel of your feet pressing against the floor; the sensation of fabric or temperature on your feet.

Sense your hips pressing against your seat; opening to the sensations of pressure, temperature, or vibration.

Sense your hands resting.

Sense your head balanced on your neck and shoulders.

Sense the air moving in and out of your nose and throat.

Sense your chest rising and falling with each breath.

Sense your belly moving as your breath moves in and out.

If you notice yourself thinking, instead of sensing, very gently focus your attention once again on your feet and start again.

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