Monday, August 20, 2007

Proud Heretic: the art of Politically Incorrect

Are you disgusted with the sickeningly sweet and coddling tone of political correctness? Multi-culturalism, often disguised as political correctness, is that suffocating piece of wisdom that demands that all people are equally talented and smart and should thus be treated equally at all times, in all ways. It’s turning the civilized world in pod people, ala Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Thor Halvorssen is a human-rights activist, a free-speech advocate, an anti-communist, ant-fascist, and a movie producer. He’s a hard guy to pin down. His family is wealthy (half-Norwegian Venezuelan), yet he champions the down-trodden. And he savors a lively argument.

Thor’s also a conservative most often linked to liberal causes. He’s a rebel and heretic to the coma of political correctness that is suffocating the life out of debate, and free-speech…and human growth.

Thor’s founded the Moving Picture Institute to punch-up his controversy-stirring ideals. The latest film, Indoctrinate U points a guilty finger on political correctness on college campuses. In one scene the director of the film, Evan Coyne Maloney, saunters into a Women’s Studies Center and asks directions to the Men’s Studies Center. He is treated with confusion, icy scorn, or snide laughter.

Halvorssen is peaking his Moral IQ. He is choosing to STAND for his well-thought out principles; a testament to doing what’s right…as he sees it. Moral Intelligence is necessary for peaking our Five IQs: physical, emotional, mental, moral, and spiritual. It’s the pivotal core of every body/mind/spirit strategy.

Moral IQ is the skill to realize, as best we can, the consequences of our actions. And with that laser vision, detect our life’s core values—what’s truest for us. Our zeal for an integrated body/mind/spirit life spurs us to ACT on these convictions; to live our moral IQ vibrantly in the world.

The problem is most of us don’t really know what we stand for, much less have the strength, or balls, to stand up for it.

Try this simple exercise with a pen and paper. Imagine you are old and frail. You are surrounded by children, perhaps your own great-grand kids. They ask you, “What are the most three important things you’ve learned in life.”

What do you say to those kids? Write down your answers.

One of my core values, and that of my many friends and clients, is balancing body/mind/spirt. How to live in such away that respects body, heart, mind, choice, and spirit—each of the five IQs? How to consciuosly make a living, raise kids, exercise, eat, love, tend to spirit? When I’m faced with a hard or cunfusing choice, I simply sit very still. I calm my breath and thoughts. I imagine I hold one of the options in my hand.

And I ask myself, “Does this give me more Balance, more body/mind/spirit integration?” If the answer is yes, that’s my choice. If not, what’s the best option that leads gives me balance.

So how does this little core value exercise fit into the maisma of multi-culturalism and politacl corretness? When I get to the root of my passions, vision, and core values I find that place where I am most unique and alive. It is my state of freedom and beingness. It’s a state of being that is often at odds with the status quo. It is quite possible to repect, and dare I say love, everyone without cow-towing to platitudes. To that end I am a proud heretic.

Multi-culturalsim is a necessary stage of human development. It speaks to the progress humanity has made as we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and out of the swamps of hatred, cruelty, and selfish absorbtion. Multi-curlturalism and political correctness are not the pinnacle of our growing up,they are a testament of hope, and a sign post to greater things to come.

Take the time to figure out what stokes your fires. Dig deep to the bedrock of what you believe and ask, “Is it true for me?” And stand…UP, OUT, and LOUD. Rock the boat. Be brilliant.

To quote that great philosopher Michael Stipes, the lead singer of REM, from their song “Stand,”

When you’re confused check with the sun.
Carry a compass to carry you along.
Your feet are going to be on the ground.
You head is there to move you around.

Your Moral IQ is your inner-compass. It gives us guidance to stand up for what we belive is most true for us. It gives us our courage to stand in all that is expedient, or correct, and be a heretic. Be brilliant.

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