Friday, October 3, 2008

Spiritual Leaders for Obama

Deepak Chopra

Jean Houston

Jack Kornfield

Sylvia Boorstein

Roshi Joan Halifax

Sharon Salzberg

Marc Barasch

Stephan Rechtschaffen

Reggie Ray

Cyndi Lee

Jon Kabat-Zi

Jack Canfield

Julia Butterfly Hill

Gay & Katie Hendricks

Rabbi Michael Lerner

Reb Zalman Shachter-Shalomi

Sharon Gannon

David Life

Swami Beyondananda

Joan Borysenko

Judith Ansara & Robert Gass

...and more every day!

Pema Chödrön

Marianne Williamson

Barbara De Angelis

Shiva Rae

Lama Surya Das

Seane Corn

Rodney Yee

Coleen Saidman

Gordon Davidson

Ed & Deb Shapiro

Corinne McLaughlin



As spiritual leaders signing this letter we are stepping forward to say: "We can make a difference." As our spiritual practice empties, opens and strengthens us, we are naturally moved to engage in the world with compassion, equanimity, and the dedication to live our values.

We know many of you are already both concerned and involved in this year's Presidential election. Yet, in the past weeks, many of us have heard friends in the spiritual community expressing ambivalence about voting. When asked why they wouldn't vote we heard things like: "It doesn't make any difference"; "I'm more interested in spiritual practice than politics".

This election, we have an opportunity to create a paradigm shift in the nature of politics. Senator McCain has voted with President Bush over 90% of the time leading to policies that have increased violence the world, furthered environmental destruction, tried to force religious views on the country, and shown a staggering lack of compassion for those most in need.

  • Senator Barack Obama is a leader whose policies reflect spirituality in action:
  • Security through international cooperation rather than wars of aggression;
  • Care for the environment and meeting the challenge of climate change;
  • Equal opportunity and health care for all Americans;

Visit to learn more about Obama's ideas & policies for change, & how you can help.

Humanity is at a crossroads. We can no-longer afford to sit on the sidelines. We are asking you to get engaged. The 2000 presidential election was decided by just 500 votes and this November appears to be just as close. Every vote matters. Your vote and the votes in your community could make the difference.

Vote. Let your voice be heard.

Together there is nothing we cannot do.


1. REGISTER TO VOTE & Detailed Voter Information

Find out how you can help!


Invite your students, friends, and fellow spiritual seekers to get involved.

Let's bring the benefits of our practice into our lives. The world needs us.


Deepak, Shiva, Seane, Cyndi, Surya, Roshi Joan , Jean, Reggie. Joan B., Reb Zalman, Jack, Judith, Robert, Sharon, Coleen, Rodney, Sharon, David, Stephan, Jon, Marianne, Krishna Das, Julia Butterfly, Gay & Katie, Michael, Steve, Barbara, Jack C., Gordon, Ed & Deb , Corinne, Marc …. and more every day....


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